The Future of TV = The Future of Video

  January 10, 2012 by Beth Temple

Television is going to be one of those rare words that is going to take on new meaning at the same time it is going to represent a time passed.  With CES kicking off this week it seemed a good time to do a little predicting about what is in store for ‘TV‘.

First off, everyone is talking about the Future of TV.  Mark Suster has a great article on the signs that TV is about to be disrupted (his #2 sums it up). Fast Company says TV gets sexy (I don’t know about that!). Everyone is waiting for news on the entrance of Apple’s TV (especially TV manufacturers). And you can’t have a post about the future of TV without mentioning the numbers of cord cutters (which is growing).

I think what is ahead is quite simple: TV is going to by synonymous with video. You might watch a video on a TV, but its more likely you’ll watch a TV show video on a laptop or tablet along with plenty of other types of videos from all kinds of “producers”. The semantic change is already happening. You can see it in the stats of the growth of video – video encompasses all kinds of formats (see in this chart the use of “TV/video”).

This will create competition for viewers from a wider variety of sources. Think Netflix and how it is producing its own original content (which will compete against its own customers!). Assume that traditional print brands (aka magazines) will also start producing TV/video specific content and doing distribution deals. And don’t forget every budding Spielberg out there. Branding the experience will become more important because the where you watch will seem less relevant to the actual experience (see the chart on mobile video with YouTube and CBS in same list).

On the Internet anyone can be a cable channel.




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10. January 2012 by Beth Temple
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