My holistic approach encompasses product development, market viability, user experience, operations and revenue generation.

Product Development

From ideation to MVP to full launch, I’ve been using an iterative development approach for over 10 years to help my clients get the right product to the right customer.

Market Viability

The best products start with a clear value proposition and listening to customers to get the right product-market fit and to mitigate launch risk.

User Experience

In 20 years of building products I have talked with and observed 100’s of customers; the outcome being an experience that aligns customers’ goals with business goals.


There is more to the product than what gets launched, companies must determine how products are structurally and operationally supported in the organization.

Revenue Generation

In my work I am only interested in products that positively impact the bottom line and I’ve learned there are lots of ways to get there.


Time Inc.
Canada Tire
United Healthcare
Credit Suisse
Life Technologies
Wells Fargo
Estee Lauder


Six Things That Will Kill Your New Product

Six Things That Will Kill Your New Product

I am on a mission to eradicate product failure! When you are building a new product doing any of these 6 things will kill it.

The New Product Economy

The New Product Economy

Product cycles are shortening. Markets are becoming more niche. New players are displacing old ones. Welcome to the New Product Economy.


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